Thunder TH4126 RR
• A Foster Ag Favourite!  This variety has performed well for many years in our area with consistent tonnage and excellent feed value. 
• 79 Days to Maturity

Pride AS1047RR EDF

• This exceptionally showy silage corn variety has won the Foster Ag Services silage corn trial 3 years in a row!  This plant is always showy in the field, our favourite to put up against competitor hybrids. Guaranteed to impress with a slow dry down to hold onto quality for longer.  
• 82 days to Maturity

Enogen E080Q1

• This specialty variety has optimized flowering timing for northern climates, and a heavy test weight. With a fit for grazing or chopping, it is very flexible and has performed well in the Interlake. 
 • 80 days to maturity


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